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Membrane Switches, Flex Circuits, Conductive Rubber Keypads, Touch Screens, Graphic Overlays, and much more.

For over 30 years, SSI Electronics, based in West Michigan, has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom products to its customers. SSI offers a wide array of solutions to allow your products to be easily interfaced by their users. Whether it is a membrane switch, a rubber keypad, a flex circuit or a keyboard assembly; you can count on SSI to provide you with the necessary expertise to make your product a success. Here is a brief overview of SSI’s core products:

Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is defined as a momentary switch device in which at least one contact is on, or made of, a flexible substrate (defined by ASTM).

In its history, SSI has helped its customers launch over 1000 projects integrating membrane switch technology. Applications for which membrane switches can be used continues to grow and SSI looks forward to successfully developing your membrane switch project.

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Conductive Rubber Keypads

Complementing our membrane switch offerings, SSI also offers conductive rubber keypads as another great human-machine interface alternative. Rubber keypads can be supplied alone or can be designed to interface with a membrane switch or another circuit technology.

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Flexible Circuits

Flex circuits (or flexible PCBs) can provide unique solutions to interconnect challenges as well as a flexible platform to attach electronic components.

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